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Introduction of gear motor

Shenzhen Ke Gu Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and sales of gear motors, gear boxes, reducers etc. Gear motors are also called gear reducers, planetary reducers; products are used in various industries and provide customized services; The following is a detailed introduction to the reduction motors and gearboxes produced by Kegumotor.

  Company Profile

  Shenzhen Ke Gu Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that develops and produces gearbox products. It provides customers with transmission scheme design, mold design and manufacturing,  production and integrated assembly services. Kegumotor has been committed to information communication, new energy intelligent transmission mechanism, 4G base station antenna electric adjustment system, intelligent home furnishing, and intelligent intelligent automobile transmission module.

  Specification of geared motor introduction

  Gear motor material: divided into plastic gear motor and metal gear motor

  Gear motor diameter specifications: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 28mm, 36mm, 42mm, 60mm

  Features of geared motors: small size, light weight, wide deceleration range, transmission efficiency, low noise, and long life;

  Gear motor application: smart home, smart kitchen and bathroom, communication antenna adjustment system, automobile transmission, precision, instrumentation, robot, electronic products and other fields;

  Voltage range: 3V-24V

  Power range: 0.01W-200W

  Output speed: 5rpm-3000rpm

  Rotation accuracy: 2 arc minutes

  Speed ratio range: 2-2500

  Output torque: 1gf.cm-200kgf.cm

  Gear material: metal gear box, plastic gear box

  Gear box: planetary gear box, cylindrical gear box;

  Drive motor: DC motor;

  Product features: small size, low noise, rotation accuracy, long life, etc.;



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