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Perfect production process, professional engineering support, high-quality micro DC motor quality, escort your products


Supply chain management advantage, production and processing advantage, engineering service advantage, product quality advantage

Supply chain management advantage

Supply chain management advantage

Located in Shenzhen,the small DC electric motor raw material supply cluster area

Engineering service advantage

Engineering service advantage

Powerful service system, perfect answer to pre-sales and after-sales customer sales series of quest

Production and processing advantage

Production and processing advantage

Have a large number of high-end precision machines and skilled operators to ensure the entire micro DC electric motor pr

Product quality advantage

Product quality advantage

Complete incoming inspection and delivery inspection of small DC motors and safe packaging ensure the stable quality of


Provide professional advice and better quality electric motors


Kegumotor is an experienced company that designs, develops and manufactures precision transmission systems

Hong Kong Ke Gu Motor Co.,Ltd it is a high-tech private enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of various types of Micro brushless dc motor(BLDC motor), precision gearbox, micro transmission of system.  We also provide the driv...



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12MM micro precision DC gearmotor

12MM micro precision DC gearmotor

Kegu motor company specializes in the production of 1n20 gearmotor,12mm micro gearmotor, metal gearmotor (small DC gearmotors). Product para

Principle and application of micro geared motor

Principle and application of micro

the micro geared motor is a kind of motor which is assembled into a whole with a miniature precision gearbox and a miniature motor. When the

What is the difference between brushless motor and coreless brushless motor

What is the difference between bru

What is the difference between a coreless brushless motor and DC brushless motor? 1. The brushless DC motor is composed of the motor main b


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