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  • Intelligent Video Conferencing System Driver
Intelligent Video Conferencing System Driver

     Intelligent Video conference system, called as (Video Conference System), including software video conference system and hardware video conference system, refers to two or more individuals or groups in different places, through various existing telecommunication transmission media, The static and dynamic images, voices, texts, pictures and other materials of the characters are distributed to the computers of each user, so that users who are geographically dispersed can gather together to exchange information through graphics, sound and other methods, increasing both parties The ability to understand the content. At present, video conferencing is gradually developing in the direction of multi-network collaboration, high-definition, and development.

      Through the design of brushless motor + planetary reducer + screw shaft, Kegumotor combines the high precision of the brushless motor and the small size of the planetary reducer to realize the lifting or rotating of the camera within a limited volume. Smart camera application are widely used, such as public safety, traffic monitoring, security, mobile phones, automotive, smart medical, smart home, robot vision, AR glasses, and so on.

     The micro drive system provided by Kegu Motor can be applied to the video conference system. By designing and adjusting the structure of the gear box, the return difference of the video drive system is controlled within a small arc to reduce the noise of the product.

     In the face of fierce market competition, Kegu adheres to the development strategy of "market demand-oriented + technological innovation", and from this, industry technologies such as all-in-one lift cameras, robot vision systems, and AR glasses pupil distance adjustment are born. If you change the sun wheel and The number of teeth of the planetary gear can achieve different reduction ratios in each stage. The gearbox in the camera module can provide 1 to 4 stages to achieve different reduction ratios, and all product parameters can be customized on demand.

     The above application scenarios of the video conferencing system are developed and designed for specific customers, and are only shown as a gearbox solution. Shenzhen Ke Gu Technology Co., Ltd. can design, develop and produce products according to the special needs of customers.



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