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Small BLDC Motor Application

     Brushless DC motors (BLDC) are more expensive than brushed motors, but they have obvious advantages, such as high efficiency and long life(20000 hours).

     The application range of brushless DC motors is known to many people. Brushless DC motors and general DC motors have the same working principle and application characteristics, but their organization is different. In addition to the motor accident, the DC motor will also have a commutation circuit, and the motor itself is combined with the commutation circuit. However, there are many low-power motors that are integrated into a commutation circuit. From the outside, the difference between a DC brushless motor and a DC motor is indistinguishable.

   First of all, the motor of the brushless DC motor is the electromechanical energy conversion part. In addition to the motor armature and permanent magnet excitation, it also has sensors. The motor itself is the core of the DC brushless motor, which is related to performance indicators, noise and vibration, reliability and service life, as well as different product costs.

  The application of the third-generation permanent magnet materials promotes the brushless DC motor to move towards high efficiency, miniaturization and energy saving. The commutation circuit of a brushless DC motor is composed of two parts: drive and control. The two parts are not easy to separate. In particular, low-power circuits often integrate the two into a single application specific integrated circuit.

     The pattern of the motor market, which is dominated by the widespread use of AC motors and brushed DC motors, is being broken by the entry of brushless DC motors.

     Talking about the convenience brought by the brushless DC motor, as we know, the brushless DC motor not only solves the problem of low efficiency of traditional motors, but also brings a lot of convenience to people. For example, the development of electric bicycles is compared with traditional human-powered bicycles. It greatly extends the distance of movement, and thus shortens the distance between people. Another example is the sweeping robot, which is convenient for many office workers who don't have time to clean their homes.

Analyzing the advantages of BLDC, BLDC is more efficient than AC asynchronous motors, with large torque, small torque ripple, and long life.

High efficiency is an important indicator. Compared with traditional motors, BLDC motors have a BLDC efficiency of more than 80%, and the carbon brushes of brushed motors currently require maintenance. However, at present, the cost of brushless motors is low, and the technical threshold is also low, so they have been widely promoted. This also shows from the side that the potential demand for brushless motors with performance advantages has not been fully released. I believe that today's users are concerned about the quality of products. As it gets higher and higher, BLDC still has plenty of room for development in the future.

       Because of the wide application of brushless DC motors, the corresponding control technology is required to be mature and reliable. At the same time, it is also required that the control technology can improve performance and efficiency and have high cost performance. This is the general trend of the brushless DC motor market that we see in the next few years. .

        Miniaturization, integration, and drive integration of low-voltage brushless motors will be the future market trend. Especially in some industries that have higher requirements for production efficiency, small brushless integrated motors will also replace stepper motors and brushed motors. It is a big trend.




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