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Principle and application of micro geared motor

     The micro geared motor is a kind of motor which is assembled into a whole with a miniature precision gearbox and a miniature motor. When the user selects a motor, it is usually because the single motor speed is too high or the torque is too small to meet their needs. At this time, choosing a miniature geared motor is the most suitable and direct solution. Miniature geared motors are widely used in daily life, especially small tools in daily necessities.

     The miniature gear motor series products are mechatronics products composed of three parts: spur gearbox, planetary gearbox, worm gearbox, plastic gearbox series miniature gear reducer, electronic speed governor, and micromotor that can run forward and backward. The whole machine can obtain products with different performances through different combinations of the three major parts. The whole machine can use the gear reducer to obtain any fixed speed, and it can also achieve the purpose of stepless speed regulation through the electronic governor.

     The motor model of the miniature geared motor provides a motor solution for the intelligent life of human beings. The micro motors equipped with the motors are divided into: micro AC motors, micro DC motors, and brushless DC motors.

     Due to the characteristics of wide deceleration range, high performance index, convenient use and reliable operation, the series of miniature geared motors are widely used in all kinds of small light industrial machinery, packaging, food, textile, cosmetic machinery, printing equipment, instruments and Various automation equipment and production lines. The miniature gear reducer uses high-precision gears with oil seals, O-ring sealed gearboxes, and grease bath lubrication. It has the characteristics of low noise, long service life, small size, and high power. The deceleration range is wide, and the gear ratio 1:3~1:2500 can also be made separately according to the special requirements of the user for the speed.

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