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  • Intelligent Lock Gear Motors
Intelligent Lock Gear Motors

                                                          Inetelligent door lock motor drive system

       The smart door lock is powered by the motor. When you use a password, swipe card or fingerprint to unlock, you will hear the sound of the motor rotating. Like the central system of the human body, a motor is a device that links electronics and machinery, a transfer station of power, and plays a role of linking up and down, and its importance is self-evident. If the motor is obstructed, the smart lock cannot be opened and closed automatically.

       The motor is installed in the lock cylinder. When the user uses the smart door lock or in standby, the smart lock is in a power-consuming state. The quality of the motor determines the use time of the smart lock. The service life and response speed of the motor are also very important. In addition, the stability and error rate of the motor have a great impact on the user's use. The drive of the door lock is mainly the drive of the motor. Shenzhen Ke Gu Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of micro-motor drive systems for 13 years. In the small black box incident, the safety and stability of the smart home door lock motor has been improved. Consider in product design and development. The clutch motor in the motor control system for smart home door locks adopts the door lock core transmission gear box structure, so that the unlocking gear box directly cooperates with the lock core system to form a smart lock control board at the rear of the system, which is made in terms of anti-electromagnetic interference. Special defensive measures, tested through electromagnetic interference of different powers and various failure analysis solutions, can achieve anti-interference and anti-magnetic, smart door locks will not be disconnected in short-circuit, and will not open the door for strangers.

       The smart lock gear motor used in this solution has passed excellent debugging performance: it can withstand vibration, shock, and extremely high and low temperature, and the volume performance ratio is excellent; through low electromagnetic interference and low noise testing, it finally achieves low noise, Product characteristics of high dynamic performance, high power density, low energy consumption and long life. The lock body clutch motor gearbox can pass the salt spray test for up to 200h, and it can also be used well in coastal cities; the average life of the lock cylinder gear motor industry is more than 100,000 times. Our advanced technology and rich experience have laid our foundation in the electronic lock Leading position, the service life of our motor can be as high as more than 500,000 times, and the service life of a battery is more than 150,000 times. If calculated at the frequency of 30 times a day, the door lock can be used for 45 years.

        Consumers also have many misunderstandings about the new thing of smart door locks, such as simply thinking that biometric fingerprint locks, iris, facial recognition and other smart locks are more anti-theft; thinking that the more smart lock functions, the higher the safety factor, etc. Often focus on "smart" and ignore its safety as a household product, and sometimes even manufacturers do not pay attention. This misunderstanding of cognition is precisely the foundation of smart home door lock companies competing for Industry 4.0. It cannot satisfy users' concerns about safety issues, so the so-called convenient home life is out of the question.


      Kegumotor has been focusing on the design, development, production, assembly, and even customized services of smart lock motor gear transmission systems for more than 10 years, and is committed to providing high-quality smart door locks, smart home and other product transmission system solutions for global users. Passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification successively, and won the title of high-tech enterprise in 2018. So far, there are more than 20 patents. Among them, the key technology patents of micro-drive are suitable for all kinds of smart lock motors and even smart home motor  solutions. Kegu Motor can provide customized design, development and production according to customer or industry needs.

  The concept of smart life resonates in the hearts of users. Compared with traditional door locks, smart door locks avoid traditional behaviors such as losing keys, while achieving high-speed iteration in technology. In the future, whoever first solves the needs of smart home users will gain a greater blue ocean.


   Our advantage:

   *Electrical properties such as voltage, speed, etc. provide customized services

   *Low noise

   *Stable performance and high efficiency

   *Long life, the service life of the motor can reach more than 500,000 cycles, and the service life of a set of batteries can reach more than 150,000 cycles, far exceeding the industry average of 100,000 cycles





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