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  • compact size gear motor for adjustable tables
compact size gear motor for adjustable tables

                                      COMPACT SIZE GEAR MOTOR FOR ADJUSTABLE TABLES

Whether at home or in the office, people usually sit and use computers or work, often sitting for half a day. Everyone knows that sitting for a long time is particularly harmful to the body, which can cause poor blood circulation, and greatly increase the risk of heart disease and cervical and lumbar spondylosis. The emergence of electric lifting tables has solved this problem well, because the "sit and stand alternate" office method is more scientific and healthy, and can promote blood circulation in the legs and even the whole body.

Smart lift tables generally use electricity as a power source, and the height of the lift table can be adjusted through a motor controlled mechanical device. The height of the lift table can also be adjusted by controlling a pneumatic or hydraulic rod by a compressor. The lifting mechanism of the lifting table is composed of lifting columns, controllers and control buttons. The intelligent lifting gear box provided by Kegu Motor is set in the lifting column, and can be adjusted by a customized 45mm special-shaped motor to customize the push rod output shaft planetary gear box; small size and large torque transmission torque requirements. The gearbox structure has two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage transmission changes. The reduction ratio can be changed according to the design requirements of the starting motor of the lifting column and the input speed and torque of the gearbox can be adjusted. The information can be transmitted and the correctness can be verified by the control system. After the information is given, the corresponding feedback is made, and then the motor is started, and the motor is combined with the Kegu reduction gear box to realize intelligent and stable lifting and lowering of the table at a constant speed to avoid jams.

The electric lifting table adopts minimalist design. The curved table corner can automatically adjust the height of the desktop between 63cm-125cm. The lifting speed is 25mm/s, and the lifting operation required by the user can be completed within 20 seconds. The maximum load bearing capacity is 125kg.

If the value of smart office and home equipment lies in high efficiency and convenience, and can improve work efficiency, then the value of smart desks lies in the “just need” of the office. Looking at the overall office space, in addition to computer equipment, tables and chairs are also just in demand. With the continuous advancement of intelligent technology, Kegu's intelligent lifting geared motor will surely become the core power of the office home with years of manufacturing experience.

The specifications of our smart office drive system range from 6mm to 65mm, output speed from 5rpm to 2000rpm, speed ratio range from 2-2000, and output torque from 1gf.cm to 300Kg.cm. In addition, various intelligent transmission gearboxes can be customized according to customer needs, involving R&D, design, production, testing, and assembly.

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