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25mm 12v micro metal dc gear motor

KG-25A370 12v 25mm metal gear motor
Product Model:metal spur gear motor
OD: 25mm
Rotation: cw&ccw
Gearbox Return Error: ≤3°
Working Temperature:-20……+65℃

Product description

Model:KG-25A370  12v 25mm metal gear motor



1.Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
2.25mm gear motor provide 0.05Nm torque and more reliable
3.Suitable to small diameter, low noise and big toque application

4.Dc Gear motors can match encoder,11ppr
5.Reduction Ratio:  15、20、26、34、45、57、75、98、125、165、217、275、362、478、603、796、1051

Gearbox features:

1. It adopts all metal instrument precision spur gear tower structure, which has large torque, long life and stable operation.

2, Using precious metal brush DC motor, low noise, stable performance, low power consumption, can be driven by solar cells.

3. Meet EU environmental protection standards.

4. Appearance and structural design strive to be thin, short, compact, and lightweight.

5. Make the modulus of the gear to a minimum of 0.15mm within a limited volume.

Motor Specifications:

1. Rated Voltage: 3.0-24V

2. No Load Speed: 6-1000 rpm

3. No Load Current: 60 mA
4. Rated Load Speed: 5-950 rpm

5. Rated Load Current: 160 mA

Drawing of 25mm 12v 24v micro metal dc gear motor

25A370 drawing.png

Performance of 25mm 12v 24v micro metal dc gear motor


above specifications are subject to change without notice, just for reference and customizable according to requirements.

Application areas:

The company's products are widely used in: shared bicycles, electronic door locks, beauty equipment, ATM financial equipment, smart homes, range hoods, electric curtains, paper feeders, vending machines, smart water dispensers, coffee machines, printers, safes, and instruments Instruments, personal care, communication equipment, display racks, smart water meters, smart switches, optical equipment, smart robots, medical equipment and other industries can be customized according to the different needs of customers.




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