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BL3657i BL3657 B3657M OD Diameter 36mm Small Inner Rotor Brushless DC BLDC Motor

BL3657i BL3657 B3657M OD Diameter 36mm Small Inner Rotor Brushless DC BLDC Motor, Built-in driver, control, PWM, cw, ccw rotation, FG speed feedback signal, Low EMC, Low noise

BL3657i BL3657 B3657M OD Diameter 36mm Small Inner Rotor Brushless DC BLDC Motor -Typical Application

Communication Device: Antenna RCU

Automobile Parts: Micro Pump, Switcher

Home Application: White Goods, Small Appliance, Kitchen Appliance,

Smart Home, Micro Actuate

Medical Apparatus: Medical Pump, Liquid Pump, Gas Pump

Industry Equipment: Micro Pump, Micro Valve, Instrument, Meter  

Business Equipment: Scanner, Cash Register  

Personal Care: Skin Care, Beauty Apparatus 

Characteristic: CW & CCW, Signal function available, Locked rotor protection, Stepless speed regulation, Low noise, Low EMI, Long life 3000-30000hrs

3v 5v 6v 12v 36mm Diameter 4000rpm 3657 BLDC Motor


  • Size: Ø36.0* 57.0mm

  • Built-in driver (controller with hall-effect sensor)

  • PWM pulse wide speed range

  • Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation

  • FG speed feedback signal

  • Low EMC Low noise

  • Long life: 20000hrs Min.

  • Over-current protection

  • Over-voltage protection

  • Under-voltage protection

  • Customization acceptable

High performance 36MM BLDC brushless dc motor a family of BL3626i,BL3630i,BL3640i,BL3650i,BL3657i

Brushless motor-BL3657.jpg

Notice: Data in this typical specification sheet are for other certain customer. Voltage, rated torque, speed, current, power and shaft extension feature & dimension can be changed to meet customer specific requirement.




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